RJ has a special way of bringing out the best in you! He quickly figures out what energizes you, then gets you to focus on it in the funnest most playful way! Love his end results too! Thank you RJ!

~Maureen Haskel

RJ created a perfect environment for myself and my colleagues to feel safe, happy and beautiful while we did our photo shoot. We were all blown away with the photos he took. We could really see and appreciate our own beauty when we looked at them. RJ has a special gift for seeing the beauty in every woman, and bringing it out with the camera. We’ve received many compliments on the pictures he took of us which are on my business website. Thanks RJ!

~Dana Minney

Thanks again for coming to my 40th celebration, bringing the “dubplate” and taking numerous pictures. We always regret not getting more photos during parties, and it was fantastic to simply relax this time and know we’d get some quality pics from you. It was really thoughtful of you. Thanks also for the super-sized pic of Domi and I – we have so few recent pictures, so it’s nice to have one of just the two of us! Thanks again.

~Will Schutz

Working with RJ is a sheer joy. He helps me to be more playful and relaxed in front of the camera. When I saw the pictures he took of me, all I can say is “wow I love this woman!” He captured my spirit! Thank you so much RJ!!!

~Shang-Mei Hillside

R.J. is amazing and so are the photos he takes! Thank you so much for the awesome pictures you took at our Finding Your True Calling Seminar! Your lovely heart opens the space for the true beauty in each and every person. You make it visible for everyone. So guys, hire him and be surprised!

~Sandra Jantzen

Thanks so much for the CD! The pictures are so amazing and he looks like a german shepherd model. You did an amazing job. 🙂

~Magda Sanchez

I was just showing these images this morning and a friend of mine wants me to order one for her. I found myself feeling shy and excited at the same time. She said, “Is he aware of the gift he has given you?” I said that I had told you, but I want to reiterate it to you again. Thanks R.J.

~Carol Waid

Amazing work! I had so much fun. His positive energy truly brought out the very best me! He is truly passionate about his work.

~Melissa Reaves

Greetings from Baden-Baden (Germany). I received the pictures and already printed my favorite ones. Tonight I am going to show them to my mum, so that she can choose some for her collection. Thanks again for making me look that beautiful. 🙂

~Silvia Giorgi

A group of us had our photos shot with RJ and we were all blown away! I can’t recommend this man and his work enough. He really has a knack for bringing out the inner and outer beauty of women. (He loves them and it shows!) You will have so much fun you won’t want to leave!

~Lucy Egg

I had so much fun with the shoot!

~Kristen Evans